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$ 19.95
per Month/User
*Billed Annually
$ 24.95
per Month/User
*Billed Annually
Intelligent Search Ability    
Memorized Screen Settings    
Access via Intranet and Internet    
Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Devices    
Easily Export Data    
Streamlined, Color-Coded Interface    
Search and Filter for Quick Access to Specific Data    
Customize Dashboards    
Email Invoices Directly from ArchiOffice Online    
Employees Only See Assigned Active Projects    
Fast, Simple, Intelligent Time Sheet Entry    
Unlimited Length Notes for Time and Expenses    
Personal Time-Off Tracking    
Billable/Non-Billable Flag    
Reimbursable to Employee Flag    
Easily Hold Selected Time or Expenses From Being Invoiced  
Start of the Week Preference for Timecard and Reports  
On/Off Timer    
Project Task Selection    
Single-screen Review of Time & Expenses by Project or Employee  
Link Receipts, Pictures and Files to Expenses    
Approve for Billing    
Create Time Entries from Calendar Events or To-Do Items  
Employee Day Viewer    
Perform Earned Value Analysis    
Track Estimate vs. Budget vs. Actual Hours and Costs    
Customize Phases and Job Codes    
Manage Consultant Fees    
Customize Fields    
Create Secure Notes for Projects and Contacts    
Project Charts    
Standard Form 330 Discipline and Experience Fields    
Standardized Tasks    
Track Status of Tasks by Phase    
Track % Complete using Tasks    
Auto Alert for Calendar Events    
Schedule Start and End Dates for Project Phases    
Easily See Draft Invoices by Project Leader    
Track Submittal-Approval, Drawing and RFI Workflows    
Designate Certain Phases to Bill Hourly Regardless of Contract Type  
Batch Invoicing    
Reverse or Void Invoices and Payments    
Track GST and VAT    
Progress Billing    
Retainer Management    
Billing Review    
Assign Invoice Template to a Project    
Standard Invoice Templates    
5 Contract Types Including Stipulated Sum, Hourly, Percentage of Construction, Unit Cost and Multiple of DPE/DSE  
Save Invoices as PDF or RTF (Word)    
Dashboard Widget Shows Past Monthly Payments    
Transfer Retainers between Client Projects    
Project-Specific Invoice Numbering    
Attach Expense Receipts to Invoices    
View Earned Value Chart and Report    
Time and Expense Reports    
Payroll Reports    
Extensive Report Filters    
Filter Reports by Project Leader    
Create Profitability Reports Based on Date Range    
Memorized Invoice Dates and Date Ranges    
Itemized Invoices with Task and Description    
Customize Reports and Invoices using Crystal Reports®  
Dashboard Displays Key Business Performance Indicators  
Task Reports    
Custom Invoice Numbering    
Submittal Reports    
Secure User Name Login    
Role-based Security    
Customize Security Profiles    
Customize Login IDs    
Assign Projects to Employees    
Apply Security to Custom Fields    
Phone Support    
Email Support    
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$ 19.95
*Billed Annually
$ 24.95
*Billed Annually